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The Top 5 Hudson Valley Wineries

Frequent travelers revere New York’s sprawling Hudson Valley for its old-world aesthetic, outdoor thrills, and eye-popping festivals. Last month, we wrote extensively about the region’s many award-winning craft beverages available at a handful of picturesque farmsteads. However, the Hudson Valley also boasts dozens of awe-inspiring vineyards that, as you can imagine, often double as wedding venues. Here at Beekman Arms & Delamater Inn, home to the oldest inn in America, we know a thing or two about fine wine. In fact, The Tavern at Beekman Arms continuously shines a spotlight on the very best Hudson Valley wineries as a part of our commitment to only promoting local products. The Tavern’s always-changing wine list is sure to pique your interest during your next well-deserved escape from New York City.

Hudson Valley Wineries: A Self-Guided Tour

Sifting through the various Hudson Valley wineries is no easy task as the region houses some of New York’s finest labels. That being said, we think that these five crowd-pleasing Hudson Valley vineyards truly encapsulate the overall aura of the rolling landscape and historic townships. A lot of people believe that the New York wine trail lies in the Finger Lakes. But don’t overlook the Hudson River’s many countryside offerings; this trail is a visual, sensory, and mouthwatering delight.

1. Millbrook Vineyards & Winery, Millbrook

Millbrook remains a beloved wedding venue, particularly during autumn’s amber-clad peak. The vineyard itself peers toward faraway mountains in all four directions. Millbrook is often described as the valley’s “flagship vineyard.” The proof lies in each bottle of subtly-sweet, well-balanced vino.

2. El Paso Winery, Ulster Park

El Paso Winery doesn’t see a ton of foot traffic as it remains an underrated hidden gem, but you won’t find a more relaxing outdoor patio or cuter tasting room in the valley. Unlike most Hudson Valley wineries, El Paso doesn’t sit atop sprawling countryside acreage. Instead, this quiet slice of rustic paradise rests along Route 9W, near the Hudson River.

3. Red Maple Vineyard, West Park

As its name suggests, Red Maple Vineyard’s farmstead transforms into a crimson-coated painting in the heart of fall. The maple trees turn into eye-popping shades of scarlet that match the house reds. The estate’s courtyard, in combination with the easterly sloping grapevines, is indisputably divine. 

4. Clinton Vineyards, Clinton Corners

Upon arrival, you’ll instantly recognize the Feder family’s love for horses. Multiple statues, which have grown quite popular among amateur photographers, pay tribute to the chargers that frolic the landscape at neighboring farms. Sample the Seyval blanc, pinot noir, and medal-winning Riesling before returning to the inn.

5. Milea Estate Vineard, Staatsburg

We saved a spot for Milea Estate, mainly because it’s one of the freshest Hudson Valley wineries. The acreage is beyond gorgeous, the patio is peaceful, and the wine continues to impress. Because the tasting room sits atop a hill, you’ll obtain a stirring view of the valley and its many hillocks. To learn more about the Hudson Valley wine trail, please don’t hesitate to visit Dutchess Tourism.

Luxury Hotels in the Hudson Valley

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