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The 10 Best Hikes in the Catskills: A Mid-Summer Adventure

Beekman Arms & Delamater Inn is nestled in the historic Hudson River town of Rhinebeck, NY. The town itself rests along the eastern edge of the Catskill Mountains. Yes, Rhinebeck boasts Colonial architecture and quintessential Dutchess County charm, but it also provides travelers with sprawling views of the neighboring mountains. Beekman Arms, the oldest inn in America, typically attracts history buffs, foodies, and loving couples from New York City. However, it’s not uncommon for an adventurous type or two to utilize Beekman Arms as their hub for mid-day exploration. In fact, many of the best hikes in the Catskills are within 40 minutes of our historic respite.

The 10 Best Hikes in the Catskills

Because Beekman Arms is just a short jaunt from a good majority of the best hikes in the Catskills, guests are able to sleep in a bit before taking on the day. Catskill Mountains hiking, for those that have never had the pleasure, is an experience in and of itself. Nearly half of the trails stretch over 10 miles in length, primarily because of the state park’s lack of roads. So, to ensure that your long-awaited escape to Beekman Arms is nothing short of perfection, we’ve compiled 10 of the prettiest Catskills hiking trails that don’t require a multi-day trip.

1. Mary’s Glen Trail, moderate, 4.6 miles

Trek through dense forestry near serene North Lake, where you’ll discover rolling hills, hidden waterfalls, and genuinely jaw-dropping valley vistas.

2. Slide Mountain, moderate, 5.8 miles

Climb to the “top of the world” by meandering through vibrant wildflowers, babbling brooks, and thick woodlands en route to Slide Mountain’s peak.

3. Mount Rutsen Loop, easy, 2 miles

Just a couple miles north of Rhinebeck lies Ferncliff Forest, home to Mount Rutsen. At the peak, adventurers will be greeted with unobstructed views of the Hudson Valley, as well as the picturesque Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.

4. Escarpment / South Loop, moderate, 7.4 miles

Two loops (Escarpment and South) merge to create one of the best hikes in the Catskills. This challenging, 7.4-mile expedition includes over 1,400 feet of elevation gain, so remember to pack a light lunch, water, and plenty of sunscreen.

5. Huckleberry Point, moderate, 4.5 miles

Wildlife, such as moose, fishers, and white-tailed deer, frequent this moderately-difficult hike.

6. Stissing Mountain, moderate, 1.8 miles

While Stissing Mountain only provides faraway Catskill views, the vantage point from the 106-step fire tower is nearly impossible to surpass.

7. Vernooy Kill Falls, easy, 2.1 miles

Hidden in the Catskill backcountry lies pristine Vernooy Kill, what most would describe as a creek or a stream. The creek boasts a step-like cascading waterfall about one mile into the unknown.

8. Poet’s Walk Trail, easy, 2.2 miles

Poet’s Walk is just that: a walk, not a hike. That being said, there’s something magical about this out-and-back stroll to and from the wide Hudson River.

9. Diamond Notch Falls, moderate, 4 miles

During the summer months, splash at the foot of Diamond Notch Falls, which splits a patient brook in two.

10. Devil’s Path

True isolation, as well as lush flora, can be obtained and observed on the Devil’s Path, a treacherous, 1,750-foot uphill expedition. It’s Catskills hiking at its finest.

Luxury Hotels in the Hudson Valley

After a full day of Catskill Mountains hiking, return to Beekman Arms for gourmet cuisine, a dusk stroll through town, and an ultra-relaxing stay inside the premier Hudson Valley hotel. For hikers who need fresh air and are willing to practice social distancing in the mountains and woods, consider Beekman Arms! We have several individual buildings on the property where, unlike a typical hotel, guests can easily practice social distancing. Feel free to Browse through our guest rooms and suites before booking direct at 845-876-7077; you can also easily check availability online.