Arrival Date

Famous Guests

George Washington – First President of the USA

Alexander Hamilton- Founding Father of the USA

Gen Lafayette – American & French Revolutions

Aaron Burr – 3rd Vice President of the USA

Gen John Armstrong, Sr. – American Revolution

Gen Richard Montgomery – American Revolution

Robert Livingston – Founding Father

Levi Morton – 22nd Vice President

Benjamin Harrison – 23rd President of the USA

William Jennings Bryan – 41st Secretary of State

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – 32nd President

James Farley – Politician, Coca-Cola Exports

Vincent Astor – Businessman & Philanthropist

Nelson Rockefeller – 41st Vice President

Malcom Wilson – 50th Governor of New York

Hamilton Fish – 26th Secretary of State

Al Gore – 45th Vice President of the USA

William Brennan – Supreme Court Justice

Bill Clinton - 42nd President of the USA

Hillary Clinton – 67th Secretary of State

Tip O’Neill – Speaker of the House

James Cash Penny – Founder of J.C. Penny’s

Oprah Winfrey- Actress, Media Mogul

John Kenneth Galbraith - Economist

Neil Armstrong – Astronaut, 1st Man on the Moon

James Lovell – Astronaut

Steve Kroft – Emmy-winning Journalist

Hugh Downs – Television Broadcaster

Walter Cronkite – Broadcast Journalist

David Brinkley - Emmy-winning Newscaster

Joel Siegel – Film Critic, Good Morning America

Norman Mailer – Pulitzer Prize winning novelist

James Beard – Cookbook Author

Gore Vidal – Essayist

Samuel Levine – Mobster

Arnold Palmer – Professional Golfer

Brooks Robinson – Athlete, Baltimore Orioles

George Blanda – Athlete, NFL/AFL Quarterback

Fred Lynn – MLB Center Fielder

Joe Louis – World Heavyweight Champion

Cus D’Amato – Boxing Manager

Red Barber – Sports Commentator

Gene Sarazen – Professional Golfer

Bob Feller – MLB Pitcher

Van Johnson – Golden Age Actor

Pat O’Brien – Golden Age Actor

Paul Newman –Actor, The Color of Money

Burgess Meredith – Actor, Rocky

Evelyn Keyes – Actress, Gone with the Wind

E. G. Marshall – Actor, The Defenders

Jean Stapleton – Actress, All in the Family

Robert Vaughan – Actor, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Angela Lansbury – Actress, Murder, She Wrote

Sid Caesar – Comic, Writer, Your Show of Shows

Sacha Baron Cohen – Comedian, Borat

Jerry Stiller – Comedian, The King of Queens

Kirk Douglas – Actor, Spartacus

Sally Jessy Raphael – Talk Show Host, Sally

Elizabeth Taylor – Actress, Butterfield 8

John Forsythe – Actor, Dynasty

Lauren Bacall – Actress, The Big Sleep

Isla Fisher – Actress, Wedding Crashers

Michelle Pfeifer – Actress, Batman Returns

Jack Nicholson – Actor, The Shining

Melanie Griffith – Actress, Working Girl

Beau Bridges – Actor, The Millers

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Actress, Seinfeld

Paul Rudd – Comedian, Anchorman

Chevy Chase – Comedian, Vacation film series

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Actor, Grey's Anatomy

Bill Murray – Comedian, Ghostbusters

Jimmy Fallon – Comedian, The Tonight Show

Steve Coogan – Actor, Alan Partridge

Hugh Jackman – Actor, Les Misérables

Nicole Kidman – Actress, Moulin Rouge!

Adolf Green – Playwright, Singin’ in the Rain

BettyComden – Playwright,Singin' in the Rain

CharlesAddams – Cartoonist, The Addams Family

Frank Sinatra – Singer, “My Way”

Mitch Miller – Producer, A&RColumbia Records

Courtney Love – Singer, Hole

Billy Joel – Pianist, Songwriter, “Piano Man”

Peter Gabriel – Singer/Songwriter, Genesis

Jon Bon Jovi – Singer, “Livin' on a Prayer”

Miley Cyrus – Singer, “Wrecking Ball”

Keith Urban – Country Music Singer, “Somebody Like You”

Yoko Ono – Singer/Songwriter

Selena Gomez – Singer, “Lose You to Love Me”

Rick Moranis – Actor, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Kathleen Turner – Actress, Body Heat

The Real Housewives of New York

Logan Wade Lerman – American Actor

Iggy Pop – American Singer-Songwriter

Lorraine Toussaint – Actress, Orange is the New Black

Stephanie Savage – Screen writer, Gossip Girls

Isabella Rossellini – Actress, Blue Velvet

Hugh Grant – Actor, Four Weddings & a Funeral

Molly Shannon – Comedian, SNL Alum

Bill O’Reilly – Commentator/Author

Alec Baldwin—Actor

Felicity Huffman – Actress, Desperate Housewives

Leigh Keto—Antiques Road Show

Hannah Dunne – Actress, Mozart in the Jungle

Amy Schumer – Comedian, I Feel Pretty

Michael Cera – Actor, Juno

Patti LuPone – Broadway Actress, Evita

Nick Kroll – Comedian, Big Mouth

Ben Milunsky – Historian

Jai Courtney – Actor, Suicide Squad

Rainn Wilson – Actor, The Office